European Quality Cheese is a European programme aiming at increasing the consumption of dairy products, and, in particular, European quality cheeses White Brine Cheese (Sirene) and Kashkaval. It is a three-year initiative specifically for the countries of United Arab Emirates, Kazakhstan and Azerbaijan.

The target markets have some common culinary characteristics. The programme will cover the common culinary background, stressing the importance of eating properly and increasing the consumption of cheeses as an important part of everyday dietary intake. In Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and the United Arab Emirates there is an increasing demand for high quality dairy products and, furthermore, there is a particular high demand for the promoted ones because of similar culinary traditions.

Moreover Bulgarian tradition and its culinary preparations are captivating ways to introduce European high quality dairy products. This can be achieved with popular international dishes. White Brine Cheese and Kashkaval have been used for: Blini in Azerbaijan where Kashkaval is utilized for filling; Shelpek in Kazakhstan where White Brine Cheese is utilized for topping; or in Kamir in the United Arab Emirates where White Brine Cheese it is utilized for topping as well, moreover, in the United Arab Emirates Kashkaval is a popular cheese called Kashkawan.

The added value of this campaign is a familiarity of tastes with local products. The White Brine Cheese and the Kashkaval are similar to local dairy products and the project aims to encourage to use them in local food preparations.

In order to raise popularity and awareness of European cheeses, we are participating at several International Food Exhibitions in the target Countries:

  • Gulfood in Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
  • The Speciality Food Festival in Dubai, United Arab Emirates,
  • SIAL Middle East in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates,
  • World Food Kazakhstan in Almaty,
  • World Food Azerbaijan in Baku.

Besides the participation in International Food Exhibitions, there will be also organised a number of activities such as: Dairy Conferences, Thematic Dinners, Point of Sales Information actions, Missions to manufacturing places.